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A sad face is better than laughter.

July 15, 2019

I am a venter. Please don’t ask me how I am or when the house is going to ready unless you want to hear a diatribe of words spewing out of my pie hole. However, I am trying to use the resource I so proudly wear as a banner around my neck, called my faith, to better deal with my emotions regarding this trait of mine. That being said, I entered the word frustration in the You version bible app on my phone and the scripture verse I am directed to is Ecclesiastes 7:3.” Frustration/sorrow is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart”, to which I replied, “what the hell, how is being sad better than laughter!?” (Trying to be transparent here with sharing my honest response.) Not being satisfied or understanding how this could be, I go to Google to find a concordance reference to help me understand. After reading several aloud to my husband we both come up with our own interpretation of the verse and my previous exclamation of “what the hell,” gives way to “ohhh, now I understand”.  I’ll tell you what I found out shortly, but I want to get to the important part first. Did you catch it? Instead of continuing in my whining, wailing and whimpering, I got into the Word. That’s the most important piece, venting to God, then getting your answer from the word. I personally would usually rather bitterly complain to 47 people, some two or three times, until my angst is so fueled by the repeating of my issue that I am in a worse state then I was when I began the vent..

So, what did I learn about this verse Ecclesiastes 7:3? I learned that sorrow is better than a happy face because it provides a different perspective. Yes, happiness and laughter are good and a God-given expression, but life is not all joy and contentment. In those times of joy and contentment we rarely consider the difficult areas of our life and how to improve them. It’s in the difficult times of struggle that we are often forced to make adjustments. Further we tend to look to God more earnestly in times of need, and to rely on his strength in our weakness.

Lesson learned, problem solved? I wish it was that easy! A step in the right direction? Absolutely! So if you see me going around with a “sad face”, don’t be worried, God is just adjusting my attitude, and if I go to Him first instead of my 47 other first choices, I’ll be back to laughing in in no time.

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